Soul Wisdom in Times of Darkness


Once upon a time humanity faced a great storm, the wrath of which pierced the collective soul. All that once stood for freedom and strength was set aflame and there was great upheaval. The fires of transformation felt devastating though strangely necessary if we were to learn to rise together in peace. The fury would not stop until every sentient being could feel safe and at home within their heart.
It began when humankind became caught in Illusion – the illusion of separation. Morals were skewed and desires, insatiable. For many, attention was focused on differences instead of what could unite. It became more important to prove the other wrong than to accept different perspectives. There was great despair and anger as humans realized they sold their souls for the promise of a dream that most could no longer realize. They had lost sight of what really mattered.
We are now being asked to look at our own reflection and examine, do you like what you see? How am I contributing to this storm? Is who I am on the outside an accurate representation of who I truly am? It is essential that each of us acknowledge any disparity within ourselves and find healing. It is time to bring light to our shadows individually if we are to truly rise from this storm united, collectively – To love and respect ourselves enough to change what is out of alignment and recognize that our perceptions are our projections and our thoughts and actions truly create our reality.
It is time to awaken and bring a new dream forward. As Within, So Without. As Above, So Below. It is written in the stars…

Soul Readings are an amazing way to access the Soul’s deepest wisdom as we tell the “Once Upon a Time” story that we see pictured in the card. My students and clients leave their sessions with pages of inspiration, clarity and direction for their lives and I regularly tap into my own deepest wisdom by utilizing this process in support of my own inquiry. 

Soul Readings are an incredible tool at any point on your journey. Whether you are just beginning on your path, are seeking more from life or are fully engaged in your deepest expression of truth. These readings help to clear what has been and gives direction, clarity and purpose to what lies ahead.
Glimpse into the most important piece for you to focus on in order to live your most inspired life. Access the voice that holds your most authentic expression and gain insight into the unconscious patterns and beliefs that stand in the way of bringing your truth to life. Create a new map that is in alignment with your purpose and bring balance, joy, authenticity and fulfillment to your life
Take a small step towards living the life you have always dreamed of. Move beyond your literal stories, raw emotions and mental limitations and access the wisdom that has remained untouched by life’s conditioning, distortions and limitations.
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