‘Synchronizing Heart and Soul: Peru Plant Medicine Journey’

A Sacred Journey and Attunement to Your Soul’s Deepest Truth

Take a quantum leap, change your perception, glimpse through the eyes of God and experience your true nature. Join me on a journey of a lifetime to the high Jungle of Northern Peru where we will work with the master plant medicine, Ayahuasca (aka ‘Grandmother’).

In a safe and supportive environment infused by the power of earth and nature, you will be held lovingly by Grandmother, my exquisite teacher Divine Feminine Maestra, her family and staff as well as myself and the wisdom teachings of the Andean Cosmology.

We will journey to the depths of our hearts for guidance, deep healing, growth and wisdom.  This sacred plant is a powerful teacher who can support us to clear addictions and outdated patterns, mind chatter and fear, she is a powerful guide; a voice we can ask most anything and receive her loving guidance and support in return.

It is time to fine tune and embody our gifts – to share them in the world like never before! My intention for this journey is to provide you with the opportunity and space to know yourself better, come face to face with and release what may be stalking you, let go of your stories and limitations and receive the vision and inspiration to tap into your full potential.

Cost: $1600
(does not include international and domestic airfare and other travel; hotel or meals in Lima)

$500 non-refundable deposit due to reserve your space.
Prerequisite is completion of the Journey to the Power of Love: Shamanic Healing Intensive or Immersion or a mesa carrier of Andean Shamanic traditions and lineages.
Email andrea@consciousdestiny.org for application and additional information

Journey Includes:
10 Nights Lodging and Meals 

Five (5) Medicine Ceremonies (every other night)
In a safe and supported space where we are deeply held by the Mother, we will leave what we know behind and call upon and journey with the wisdom and Spirit of the sacred plant medicine. Coming face to face with who we truly are; stripping the false identities and belief systems and bring us to the place of remembering ourselves again. We will work with the master plants of Ayahausca and Chacruna to break through our ego, remember and experience our connection to all that is; awaken our vision and receive the inspiration to become the active creators of peace, harmony and beauty in our lives, within our families and in our communities. The Spirit of Ayahausca (literally translated as ‘Death Vine’) takes us to our metaphorical death in order to be reborn to the gifts we are here to share in this lifetime.



Mythic Journey Through the Medicine Wheel
We will utilize the framework of the Inka Medicine Wheel to set the intent for each of our journeys. This will create a powerful container in which we can enhance the power and intelligence of the plant medicine.  The Medicine Wheel is an indigenous map found throughout the America’s; an incredibly complete framework that has been offered by the ancient Medicine People to support us in the expansion of our human consciousness and evolution. This map will amplify and support the direction of our journeys.


Building of a Mesa (Healing Bundle)

A shaman will organize the chaos of life through their ‘mesa’ or healing bundle. It is a place to hold our stories outside of ourselves in order to free up the energy to program the physical body with higher frequencies for our healing and evolution.

We will build our mesas with the wisdom received from our Medicine journeys. Anchoring our experience at the place of the essential energetic instead of processing at the literal and mental. An opportunity for each of us to literally hold onto our experience and bring it back as our gift to share in the world.



Guidelines for Special Dieta
The plant medicine itself, helps us to upgrade the human energy field and change our cellular memory. The chemical composition of the medicine is closely related to the hormones that are naturally secreted by the brain to help repair and reprogram its chemistry. We will be supporting these natural effects with a traditional ‘safety’ diet as well as a spiritual dieta, beginning one month prior to our journey. This will help to amplify the natural healing benefits of the medicine and allow the medicine to work without obstruction in our bodies, minds, souls and spirits. *Important note, certain prescription medication is contraindicated with the plant medicine, please inform me if you are taking ANY medication. A full listing of contraindications and more information will be provided upon your application for registration.

Optional Daily Yoga, Breathwork and Ecstatic Movement
Optional yoga classes will also be offered each day. These classes will be a gentle, embodied practice which includes breath work, asana, guided meditation and energy body meditations. The intention is to support you to anchor all you experience back into the body to support the changes in cellular memory and upgrades to the physical body.

waterfallHiking trails and spectacular waterfalls
Optional group hikes to waterfalls and walks into town will also be offered throughout our time together.

Free time to relax and de-stress.
Ultimately, this journey is a chance to leave the burdens and worries of our lives behind. Truly there is nothing you have to do! There will be plenty of time to nap in the many hammocks or in your private casita. Bring your favorite books or download them to your Kindle. Please note, there is no wifi on the property though if you must have connectivity if you purchase an international data plan before your arrival it is possible to have to internet on site.





filter-4950_cropAndrea Bernstein To help us to reclaim our gifts as individuals and as a community is the mission of Conscious Destiny Visionary Andrea Bernstein. Andrea is a master Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and Yogini. Andrea has received initiation from the Q’ero elders of Peru, and deeply embodies this profound body of wisdom. Andrea is gifted and dynamic healer and teacher, dedicated to awakening the innate wisdom and authentic expression buried deep within all of us. She has an international private practice and leads transformational workshops and retreats. Her passion and enthusiasm creates a safe, supported and positive atmosphere for transformation and visioning of your highest Soul’s journey. www.consciousdestiny.org Email andrea@consciousdestiny.org

Terms and conditions: 

Reservations: All reservations are subject to availability and are at the discretion of the organizer.

Being a full mesa carrier or completion of the Journey to the Power of Love – Healing Intensive or Immersion is required to participate. There are a number of opportunities to complete this requirement prior to the journey. Exceptions made for experienced plant medicine journeyers on a case per case basis. Email andrea@consciousdestiny.org to confirm your specific requirements.

A $500 deposit is required to confirm your reservation.

It is essential that you come to this program for growth and inquiry and not to seek curing of health or psychiatric problems. In these cases, we recommend that you consult a  physician or mental health professional.

Cancellations and Refunds: Due to the limited availability of space on this journey, your deposit  of $500 will not be refundable. We strongly recommend (just short of require) purchasing travel insurance (http://www.travelexinsurance.com/quote/in order to protect yourself in case extenuating circumstances force the cancellation of your trip.