Shamanic Intensives and Immersions


Two transformative journeys offered by a Master Shamanic Practitioner…

A 10-session Private Shamanic Immersion, meeting once a week for 10 weeks or Private Shamanic Intensive over the course of 3 weekends. Both formats are an experiential journey through the shamanic maps for our evolution. Gain the keys and codes to forever change the way you see what is possible in the world. Learn how to hack into your energetic programs and upgrade your internal software to become a powerful creator of life.

With over a decade of experience walking this path, these tools have changed my own and 100’s of my client’s lives. This body of wisdom has been offered as maps for us all to become conscious creators of our life and in the world. Call off the search outside yourself and find the strength and vision from within your heart to bring fulfillment, purpose, and freedom into your life.


One-on-One Private Immersions:

One time payment of $1350
Or 5 payments of $325

Coming Soon – Online

One time payment of $1008
Or 5 payments of $240

About Andrea Bernstein

To help us to reclaim our gifts as individuals and as a community is the mission of Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and Sacred Activist, Andrea Bernstein.

Andrea has guided hundreds of students through these life affirming journeys. Andrea has received initation from the Q’ero elders and deeply embodies this body of wisdom.

A gifted and dynamic healer and teacher, Andrea is dedicated supporting others on their journey of healing and awakening. Andrea’s passion and enthusiasm for this work creates a safe, supported and positive atmosphere for transformation and visioning of your highest Soul’s journey.

What People Are Saying

“I can’t even describe how powerful this journey was. I’m breaking down things I’ve never even been conscious of before.” – Michelle H.

“I was thinking of how this journey has and still is changing my life. The seeds that were planted are now sprouted and the plants are growing!!!! Yes!!! Thank you for what you and others gave me.” – Leah O.

“This experience facilitated an ignition of passion in my life to a new level personally and in my work. I now hold new tools to live as a powerful, gracious, co-creator in this amazing  journey of life. Thank you Andrea for  being an amazing, passionate guide and teacher.” – Wendy A

“This journey definitely changed my life.  I have more love and peace in my everyday life.  The stresses that come my way or negative experiences that at times bombard me, I now handle with ease, love, and understanding.  Problems that used to weigh me down now feel light as a feather.  I can’t say enough how much this program has done for me.” – Joy B. 

“Working with Andrea has been the most transformative experience of my life. Andrea sets the bar high and raises the standard for all others. Her passion and connection to Spirit will help guide you on your sacred journey to become the luminous being your Self was meant to be. Much love and light to you Andrea!” – Julie B.

“I have waited years for something like this! Andrea is a gifted healer and teacher whose passion for sharing this work comes through with her words, her voice, right down to the movement of her fingertips! This work is deep and goes right to the core of the issues I have been having. This journey was an incredible catalyst for me. I am so grateful I was led to this experience!” – Lydia L.

“Awesome journey from back and beyond! Just like jumping into the cosmic washing machine. Experienced deep healing from head to toes. The Brain fog has lifted, having more clarity and peace. Thank you!” – Paul B. 

About this Body of Wisdom and Why Now?…

The Inka Prophecies, foretold of time where there would be a major shift in human consciousness; a time that we as humans would “remember ourselves again.”

They said that we would once again recognize how our actions have an effect on more than just us individually and to understand the immense power that this understanding has to bring change our lives and the future of our planet. That time is now…

These ancient people also held great wisdom teachings and practices that could support humanity in this awakening. Practices and processes that modern science is just recently understanding, have the ability to reprogram our human energy field, brain physiology, cellular memory and as a result the course of our lives. Both the Immersion and Intensive formats take you through the complete framework that these Indigenous people offered to clear all that would be in the way of you living the destiny you came to fulfill at this time!


Demystify Your Internal Software of the Human Energy Field
Gain understanding of the Energy Field that surrounds and informs the body. Be empowered to cleanse and clear your own chakras and learn how to reset your body’s stress response in order to find deep rest and relaxation for sustainable and lasting change.

Release the Stories of Your Past in Ritual and Ceremony
Learn how to make a personal prayer bundle and create powerful ceremonies and rites of passage to support you to shift the blockages and challenges in your life.

Clear the Unconscious Patterns that Derail Your Destiny
Learn how to unravel the programs of the stories and wounds from your past without having to relive or even tell the stories from a place of words! Clear the imprints in your energetic blueprint that keep attracting unhealthy and undesirable outcomes and patterns in your life.

Take it to The Fire and Upgrade Your Internal Program
Learn how to work with ceremonial fire – The ultimate ‘let go let God.’ Receive individualized Shamanic Healing Work to scour the way the denser memories are stored in your energetic program to upgrade your operating program.

Explore What is Truly Keeping You From Living Your Truth
Experience the processes that allow you to safely face even the most challenging aspects of your life. Journey to release the ancestral patterns that have been passed down through your DNA and release the unconscious memories from previous lifetimes. Explore the patterns and beliefs that keep you from living the life you know in your heart is possible.

Dying to Truly Live Your Greatest Life
The greatest gift the Shaman brings is to ‘learn the way to death and back again.’ In our work we will create the space to die to what has been, in order to be fully available for your life! Through metaphorical death work you will be set free to move forward with courage and peace. Receive individual Shamanic Healing work to expand the field for what is possible in your life.

Live Your Purpose, Say YES to the Truth in Your Heart
Reclaim your lost passion and remember the purpose you came to fulfill in this lifetime. Journey through the Shamanic maps outside time and space for Soul and Destiny Retrieval and execute a new contract that is aligned with your heart’s deepest truth.

Clearing the Way to Freedom and Possibility
Learn how to look at any situation through the Shaman’s eyes to shift your perception beyond the literal story. Learn how to use the Shamanic framework to transcend any issues that you might face moving forward. Energetically clear the unfinished business of your life so you are truly free to create the life you’ve always known is possible.

Sourcing From Possibility, Dreaming While Awake
Write a new story for who you will become – By changing our story, we can change our life! Once we embody the Shamanic maps for awakening and the expansion of our consciousness, we are able to live centered and grounded in our truth. From here, we become powerful creators who dream the world into being and source from the place of possibility instead of probability.

Are you ready to say YES! and forever change the blueprint for what is possible in your life? Lets Visit!