When the Day of Balance Feels like Getting Hit by the Cosmic 2 x 4

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The Fall Equinox, is one of two days in the year where there is equal day and night. It is time for pruning back the branches after reaping the harvest; to practice surrender and allow what needs to die to go back to the earth in preparation for the internal barrenness of winter. Though my harvest has been bountiful, this day finds me recovering from 10 days of no or very limited internet and a curiously selective cell phone that would not let me onto any of my Social Networks. This felt incredibly destabilizing when so much of what I do is online, including Skype sessions, marketing and email follow-up! The icing on the cake was that I used my debit card to pay for internet on my flight to and from Nashville and apparently, someone in Florida has had a field day with it. Good Grief, forget balancing eggs on their edges, I feel like I just got hit with a cosmic 2×4 ~ I surrender, I surrender!!
As I reflect upon my situation, I hear the voice of one of my mentors saying, “when you come into right relationship and balance (the Q’echua concept known as Ayni) with who you truly are and the world around you, making the green lights is the norm and the days when you hit all the red lights is when you have to ask yourself where you are out of balance.” Clearly, the universe wanted me offline and not spending money. I was forced to go back basics on every level; to prune what was no longer serving me and get to the root of where I was out of alignment and allow what needed to, to die. This very much required a Beginner’s Mind…
In my practice I often encounter clients who will say, “I already worked on that” or “I know that already.” Having walked the shamanic path for over a decade I can’t even count the number of times I have had to come back to my practice and self-inquiry with a beginner’s mind. Though we might have worked out issues on an emotional or psychological level, our issues are often multi-faceted and have many layers. Shamanic Wisdom provides a framework to simply and effectively work through these layers and access the deeper programming or blueprint level of the energetic – to find the source of the discordance and come back into balance with our heart’s intent.
Sure, some might say “your internet and cell phone were just out” but through the eyes of the eagle who flies way above the storm and sees the big picture – I know there was and is work to be done. Check out the community events page to get a sense of how the Shamanic framework supports me to do this and how it can support you as well!
As we stand at the center of equal day and night, I send heartfelt wishes for your own journey within and wish you great blessings of discovery as you inquire into what needs to be pruned back and left on the earth to be turned over to make food for another. Deepest thanks for the love and support you have given to me as I share my truth and gifts in the world. I look forward to many more seasons together.
In Love and Service,
Photo Credit: jcookfisher via Compfight cc