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Life’s Crossroads

Ceremony for Marriage, Divorce, Relocation, Loss of Job, Healing Crisis, Death of a Loved One


Life’s crossroads offer the opportunity to re-create your life in a more authentic way. From a Shamanic perspective, these Which way to choose - 3D renderchanging times are ‘initiations’, an invitation to answer the call to more deeply and authentically align with the truth of your heart. Often times the fear, confusion and uncertainty of what new direction to take is overwhelming.


Working in ceremony provides you with the opportunity to step beyond the emotional and psychological minds and create a passage from which to begin anew. Ceremony is a valuable tool which supports you to provide an opportunity for hope, inspiration and an unobstructed path for a new future.


In our work together we will organically create ceremony to consciously honor what has been and formally invite a new way for you to walk in the world; one which is more aligned with who you are today. Together we will honor the transitions and cycles of your life and create ritual invoking balance, wholeness, meaning and purpose in order to strengthen and enhance your life moving forward.

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Andean Despacho/Prayer Bundle Ceremonies

despacho_2Despacho is the Quechua word meaning offering. A central practice to the Q’ero Shaman of Peru, it is a gift or prayer bundle, which is offered in reciprocity, honor, and gratitude for our lives.

“Andrea’s beautiful, tender and sweet Despacho Ceremony offered great comfort and family unity with the loss of our Patriarch. Thank you Andrea for easing our heartache.” Family of HHC

We fill the despacho with your breath, prayers and dreams and feed them with various symbolic offerings, depending on the reason for the despacho. Once the prayer bundle is complete it is offered in exchange and gratitude through a ceremonial fire for rapid transformation, or buried in the earth or offered to a body of water for a slower, gentler realization of your prayers.mki_despacho


A despacho ceremony can be performed individually, with family or in community to set intent, consciously call in healing and balance, or to turn over challenging aspects of your life. A despacho can also be offered in honor of major life events, significant milestones or are incredibly supportive when a loved one is making or has made their final passage.

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