Increasing our Vibration by Following the Ley Lines


The Shamans say that there are two kinds of energy. “Sami”, light energy and “Hucha”, heavy energy. Hucha is stored in the cellular memory of our body and human energy field. It is our “unfinished business,” our Karma, life experiences, wounding, negative feelings and emotions as well as our ancestral patterns.
As we clear this heavy energy through a myriad of practices – meditation, yoga, shamanic interventions, ceremony and ritual, (to name a few that I have found to be helpful, but the list is surely endless!), we begin to change our vibration to a higher frequency. Physics tells us that like attracts like – therefore, as we increase our vibration we begin to attract people, situations and experiences that are vibrating at this higher frequency. The lower vibrations cease to exist in our lives (or at least less and less!! ).
What’s more, is that as we vibrate at these higher frequencies we are able to “tune in” to the “Ley Lines” – the invisible or visible lines and harmonies connecting ancient sites and cities and other earthly energies, which String Theorists believe concern the passage of material on an inter dimensional level. The Shaman is more than familiar with these other dimensions or “worlds” and can move between them to change ones fate into a greater destiny. I have found more and more that as I tune into these ley lines, I am led to the highest and best possible circumstances and experience in most every situation.
However, when we look at the changes that are occurring on our planet, one thing remains abundantly clear and that is when we shift this heavy energy and how it informs us, we can begin to create a life filled with abundance, beauty, balance and grace. We become the authors of our lives and begin to notice the synchronicities in all circumstance that we are experiencing in every moment that bring us to our highest vibration – it is from this place that we are able to make the shift from human beings to “light beings” that has been prophesized for millenia by the indigenous people.
In Love and Light,
Photo Credit: Hernan Piñera via Compfight cc