About Shaman, Mentor and Sacred Activist

Andrea Bernstein

To support the recovery of life’s meaning and purpose is the mission of Conscious Destiny's Founder, Andrea Bernstein

With nearly two decades of mastery, Andrea empowers seekers with a Soul affirming alternative for mind-body health, lasting healing and vibrant living. Andrea is passionate about sharing the tools and depth of heart that Shamanism offers to strengthen Spirit, find Truth and center of Being.

Through her Healing Sessions, Shamanic Immersion and Mentorship programs, Andrea supports her clients to fully awaken to their gifts and to align at the deepest programming levels to answer the call of their heart, in right relationship and service to all of life.

Shamanic Practitioner and Mentor, Andrea Bernstein


For nearly two decades, I have immersed myself in the wisdom teachings, mentored in the healing practices and have been initiated into the ceremonial traditions of the High Priests, Shamans and Medicine Men and Women of Peru. With this ancient yet relevant body of wisdom, I support my clients and students to reset their mental, emotional and energetic programs and heal the wounding and conditioning that keeps them from moving forward to align vibrationally with the life they were born to live.

When I first began my journey on the path of self-discovery in the mid 1990’s, I couldn’t even hear my own voice, was disconnected from my body, my desires and so much of what brings joy, peace and happiness in life. Though many practices helped me cope, it was the Shamanic path that truly shifted my world in the most profound and lasting ways.

Shamanic wisdom supported me to reconnect to my purpose and has given me the tools, vision and strength to see my way through the wounds, insecurities and limiting beliefs that kept me from sharing what I was meant to. Shamanism offers unparalleled maps for us all to reclaim our strength to become conscious creators of our lives, and active visionaries of a new story for our world through these uncertain times.

I found this work to be so empowering and transformative, that soon after the completion of my practitioner training program with the Four Winds Society, I became a staff Member of the Light Body School and Assistant to Founder, Alberto Villoldo, PhD. From 2010 – 2017, I had the honor to also share the ancient wisdom, through Introductory Shamanism classes with The University of Utah’s Lifelong Learning students. Both roles have enabled me to translate this body of wisdom in a way that is relevant, easy to digest and supported by science, psychology and functional medicine.

Though Shamanism may seem foreign, irrelevant and maybe even intimidating to some in today’s world, my soul knew this wisdom – and yours does too. For those of us who came to this life knowing we are here to make a difference, it speaks to us in ways our conditioning has not. It is as close to a magic pill as I have found personally; it awakens us to improbable yet unlimited potential, collectively.

It is my life’s work to pass on these wisdom teachings, to support you to reconnect to your truth and awaken to the full expression of the gifts you came to share – regardless of your path.

The offerings on this website are my way of sharing this integral wisdom in the world. I humbly hope to have the chance to share it with you.

Thank you for the powerful teachings you pass on. You do amazing work and I look forward to our paths crossing again.

Cindy W.

What Clients Are Saying

With almost two decades of experience, Andrea has supported countless clients to align with the life they knew was possible
Working with Andrea was life changing. It was a place of discovery, love and safety. I was able to look, release and change things that have been blocking me for years. The work was beautiful and something I can continue to do to be my highest self.


The single most potent healing work I’ve ever done in a lifetime of living in the healing world has been with you. I can’t thank you enough.

Tatiana W.

Working with Andrea is like no other experience in my life. She guides you to let go of the stories and wounding and instead find the gifts. I can’t imagine where my life would be without this healing work.

Sam J.