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Virtual Sacred Space For Ongoing Support, Guidance, Accountability, Ceremony, and Community

Whether your healing journey has just recently occurred or it has been over a decade since you last journeyed around the wheel, the Graduate Series was created to assist you to continue with your practices and support you to stay on journey. 

For those of you who are already members and have registered with your email and created your password, here is the link to access the Membership Site: 

The Graduate Series is open to all Conscious Destiny Healing Immersion and Intensive graduates. (Four Winds Light Body Full Mesa Carriers are also welcome). Choose from an annual, quarterly or 40 Day Intensive commitment. This Graduate Series is a way for you to once again join in Sacred Space and Virtual Community to support, encourage and inspire one another to make a difference in our lives and the world. 

Now more than ever, the same processes that supported you to shift lifetimes are essential for conscious navigation of the changing tides and active co-creation of all that your heart is calling you to be and do! Truly the most important offering each of us can make to these times is our continued personal development work – to stay clear and centered in this rapidly changing and chaotic world and to further align with our most authentic expression to bring greater meaning and purpose to a world turned upside down.

40 Day Grad Series Challenge intensive

YOU WERE MADE FOR THESE TIMES... Bring Your Best Self Through The Cosmic Storm! 

The Shamanic Practices Changed Your Life Before and They Will Support You To Get Back and Stay On Track Again and Again. 

Graduate Portal

Now more than ever, it is essential to keep up with your practices in order to stay above the collective chaos and to align at the deepest programming levels with all you are meant to be and do. 

This Challenge was created to jumpstart your journey and re-engage your practices as an Intensive format. 

With loving support, guidance and encouragement, you will journey through the Medicine Wheel (8 Days in each direction!). A DEEP dive back onto the Wheel to clear the way to show up in the world the best you can be.  

40 Days Includes:
Graduate challenge
Bottom Fade Gold

The Graduate program is designed to support and empower you with a complete shamanic toolbox for the re-engagement of your personal journey work.Schedule a Free 30 Minute Discovery Call to Check-In, Reconnect and see the best way for you to get back on journey!