Shamanic Resources

Shamanic Resources


Your Invitation For A New Story

Our old story is dying. It is unsustainable. It is now time for us to create a new story; one of peace and harmony with all of life. Shamanism holds the maps and keys to usher in this new time. 

Shamanic Challenge


See for yourself how powerful the shamanic process and practices are. You are your own best healer. A no obligation way to be empowered and inspired to begin your healing journey.


Reboot Your Life

Restore Balance, Health & Well-Being

Shamanic Wisdom teachings to inspire you with the tools and understanding of how and why you can consciously biohack your energetic programs to live a more balanced, joyful and purpose driven life.  

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Core Clearing Practices Kit

Essential Shamanic Cleansing Rituals

Revitalize and purify the body, mind, spirit and Soul with these integral Core Shamanic Clearing practices, passed down from renowned Curanderas, Ysabel and Olinda known as the “Twin Shamans” of Northern Peru.

The Core Clearing Practices are: 
Eggstraction – A potent and powerful diagnostic & clearing practice for intrusive energies that drain our lifeforce and can derail our best intentions
Herbal and Floral LimpiaHerbal and Floral “Baths” or Limpia are believed to have been used for healing practices in Northern Peru as far back as the first Millenium BC. We will be utilizing these processes to further cleanse, heal and strengthen the energy body.
Homeopathic San Pedro Water – Plant medicine infused, sanctified water to support healing and assist in opening your heart.  San Pedro water also removes heavy energy from your energy field and personal spaces, supporting you to improve your connection within and without. 

Kit includes: PDF of processes, Video Demos and a 2oz bottle of Homeopathic San Pedro Water for everlasting use. 

Chakra Decoder

With Integral Inquiry and Self Chakra Clearing Process

Chakras are the filters through which you ‘sense’ the world. The heavier experiences of our life create distortions on these lenses that affect your life, health and well-being.

With awareness and practice, you can learn to optimize their frequency and reconnect to your vital energy and light. Doing so, brings clarity, vibrancy and aligns you with the frequencies to support the full expression of your most essential self. Specifically, the Chakra Decoder takes you through:

shamanic relationships

Shamanic Energy Anatomy 101

DIY Maintenance Practices To Hack The Energetic Software That Informs Your Life

Just like you can clear your computer’s hard drive and install a completely new operating system, with Shamanic Energy Medicine, you are able to debug the old stories and programs that are directing your life in less than desirable ways.

Call off the search and empower yourself with tools and practices to take command of your life with this self-guided Masterclass.