A shaman will organize the chaos of life through their ‘mesa’ or healing bundle. It is a place of connection with universal and elemental forces, a place to hold your life’s stories outside of yourself. This frees up space for upgraded energy to program the physical body with higher frequencies for your healing and growth.

Your Mesa becomes your healing tool which carries the lineage of the Medicine Men and Women back to the first people – the stone people and the lineage of the ancient ones throughout all space and time. Your mesa supports you to realign your energy and keep you aligned, connected and in integrity. The stones that you use to create your Mesa will be the place to hold your stories 

outside of your body, offering you continued support to mulch heavier energy in order to create a more healing flow in your life.

The stones support you to work on the energetic level, no longer engaging at the level of the literal or mental/emotional to work out your challenges – your Mesa works like a permanent vision board to organize and design your life moving forward.

The Mesa receives Rites of Initiation which are transmissions that connect you to the Q’ero lineage. This supports you to hold the frequency who you are becoming – your highest level of healing and growth. You will program each stone (Kuya) with your life stories as you journey through the Medicine Wheel and add the resources you have always needed in your life as supplements to your main Kuyas.

Becoming a Mesa Carrier is recommended for those with a sincere dedication to walk the Shamanic Path. Building your Mesa on a personal level is a great first step if you desire to eventually support others with the Shamanic Processes but know you have your own healing work to tend to before that is possible.

This option is also available for existing Mesa Carriers who wish to reawaken or redefine their relationship to their Mesa and Kuyas - their activated Healing Bundle and Stones.