To the shaman, deaths are considered as sacred as births. To be of assistance and healing to one who is passing and to their family is truly one of the greatest gifts we can offer and experience in our lifetime.

Dying Consciously Mentorship supports loved ones and clients to make their final transition. It is designed for all persons involved in the dying process: the individual, family members and friends. It changes the landscape of what we in the West have become accustomed to, instead bringing dignity and peace back to the dying process.

Administering the Final Death Rites is an integral part of this process. Dying Consciously Mentorship teaches the steps to cleanse the energy field of the dying person, clearing a lifetime of dense energy and supporting the energetic release of any unfinished business stored within the chakras. This allows the chakras to disengage more freely at the time of death enabling the Spirit to be set free.  The Death Rites help to assist the dying person with their great journey beyond and their loved ones with the closure that is so important in continuing the journey here on earth.

Through the Dying Consciously Mentorship program you will learn to support:

The Great Death Rites practiced by the Shamanic traditions provide space for both psychological and emotional closure as well as specific steps to enable reconciliation and healing for the dying person and their loved ones. Are you being called to become a midwife for more conscious dying?