The Sacred Plant Medicines are powerful teachers who can support us to clear addictions, outdated patterns, mind chatter, trauma, and deep seated fear. Sentient beings, the Sacred Plants are powerful guides, with voices that we can ask most anything from and receive loving guidance and support in return.

Plant Medicine enables us to journey to the depths of our hearts and minds for guidance, deep healing, growth, and wisdom. With proper set, setting and space, journeying with these wise teachers can provide the opportunity to know yourself better, come face to face with and release what may be stalking you, let go of your stories and limitations and receive the vision and inspiration to tap into your full potential.

It is also essential that the container for a medicine journey be a safe and sacred one. The unfortunate reality of the increased popularity of these experiences is that far too many people who are holding space are inexperienced. It is important to recognize just how much honor and experience is necessary to hold space for these teachers and how much working with plant medicine opens the human energy field, making one more vulnerable to outside energies and entities flying around the room from other participants and outside forces. In my years of holding space, I have seen far too many clients pick up energies that negatively affect their lives, and in some cases have caused debilitation, illness, ungroundedness, and mental anguish. 

Though I do not work ‘triage’ for those who are not working with Plant Medicine in a sacred way, it is my experience having worked with these Great Master Teachers since 2007, that another set of eyes to support the integration of sincere and committed seekers can be immensely helpful in unpacking all that was received, making sense of and holding onto the gifts so it is not just another consciousness altering experience

Through Plant Medicine Integration Mentorship sessions, you will be guided to:

The beauty of plant medicine is that it always provides the space for you to bring back a gift for yourself to grow and evolve. Taking the time and dedication to integrate these gifts though aftercare is one of the most important parts of the experience.