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Shamanic Healing
1 – 3 Sessions

Clear an issue or traumatic event from your past. Reclaim your sense of self; reprogram a limiting belief or outdated pattern. Experience healing at the deepest levels.

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Shamanic Mentoring
3 – 5+ Sessions

Be empowered with a shamanic toolbox to uncover and clear hidden blocks to your personal growth. Learn processes to support you to consciously create a happy and fulfilling life.

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Healing Immersions
3 Day or 10 Sessions

Powerful and transformative shamanic healing immersions and intensives to restore balance and clarity. Clear the way to an abundant and fulfilling life.

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Free 30 Min Phone Consultation

Whether you are being called to heal trauma from your past, clear unhealthy patterns, be more fulfilled and connected or bring your dreams into reality, the Shamanic path offers unparalleled tools. The latest understanding in neuroscience, biology and functional medicine validate the profound and lasting results you can achieve. Why not set up a free 30 minute phone consultation to see how Shamanism could make a difference in your life?

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A Message From Conscious Destiny Visionary, Andrea Bernstein

The world as we know it is dramatically changing and it is clear that just doing things the same old way or even coasting through our lives is not fulfilling many people on the deepest levels. We are in uncharted territory and no one really knows what is next, only if we keep going the way we have, we will burn out or give up!

The evolutionary shifts we are experiencing today were foreseen thousands of years ago by almost every culture and religion. Among these, the ‘Pacos’ or High Priests of Peru from which the wisdom of Conscious Destiny is rooted, passed down prophecies that spoke of a time when their teachings would be key in supporting humanity to usher in a ‘Golden Age of Peace.” They called this a time of “remembering ourselves again” and that time is now.

Kept hidden for 1000’s of years, these techniques and practices are now available to support us to remember our true nature and connection to all of life. This Shamanic wisdom truly offers us all an unparalleled opportunity to live sustainable, balanced, abundant, authentic and purpose driven lives. Shamanism is supported by the latest findings in Epigenetics, Brain Neuroplasticity and Functional Medicine.

I use these integral practices every day in my own life and have also supported countless clients over the last decade to create the life they’ve always known was possible. You too can be empowered with the understanding and techniques these Medicine people utilized to unlock the door to an abundant, joyful and purposeful life. Whether you are just beginning to uncover your path, are seeking more from life, or fully engaged in your deepest expression of truth, it is my greatest gift to share the wisdom that offers unparalleled resources and freedom for you to move confidently in direction of your dreams!