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Be empowered with Shamanic maps and tools to stay grounded, centered and clear of purpose in the powerful and turbulent times that are upon us.

These unique offerings are a distillation of a decade of embodiment of the shamanic path and are offered one-on-one and intimate group settings. In my own journey, these tools have changed the way I walk in the world; enabling me to call off the search to look for something or someone outside of myself to bring change, happiness and freedom.

“One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself”Shandell P

Healing Intensives and Immersions offer you maps to navigate and tools to find the courage, strength and vision to explore and change the patterns and beliefs keeping you from living the life you desire. It is my greatest gift to have the opportunity to share this wisdom in the world and I would be honored to walk by your side and support you to find your deepest expression. In Love and Service,





Journey to the Power of Love: Munay-Ki Healing Intensives and Immersions


Whether you choose the 4-Day Healing Intensive Weekend or 10 Week Healing Immersion format, you will embark on a deep exploration and review of all that has been to restore balance and clarity to your life, reconnect with your true purpose and ignite your deepest passion.

The practices and techniques shared throughout this journey are unparalleled and were offered by the Andean shamans as a way to expand your consciousness and assist in your evolution at this crucial time on the planet. Having supported 100’s of clients through this life changing journey, I have seen time and time again, the profound and lasting transformation these programs offer to release your past and reclaim your true purpose and passion.


mki_manGain invaluable tools that provide lasting and sustainable change to live a joyful, abundant and purposeful life. Learn how to consciously engage the shamanic maps and be empowered with techniques to reprogram outdated beliefs and install new patterns at the blueprint level of your being. Receive shamanic healings and gain tangible tools to recreate your life from your most authentic and inspired expression. Specifically:


  • Heal and transform the wounds and stories from the past
  • Clear genetic and karmic patterns
  • Reconnect to your Heart’s passion
  • Reclaim your most authentic expression and vision
  • Find the courage and vision to live the life of your dreams
  • Take home tangible tools for continued creation and to ride any storm


What is the Munay-Ki?

Munay (pronounced ‘moon eye’) is the Q’echua word for Love, Ki (pronounced ‘key’) means Power. It is essential for each of us to open our hearts to the power of love; to acknowledge our interconnectedness and meet ourselves and each other with gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, love and understanding.

What a journey! The best words to describe it are heart opening and clarity.Paul B

At the core of the program are the Great Rites – the Karpays, which are the energetic codes and frequencies that support in bringing you back into balance within and without. Rites of initiation and passage have been shared in many traditions for thousands of years between mentor and student. These initiations work to upgrade the programming of the human energy field – the innate software that informs the human body and the remembrance of who you truly are in your heart.

What Will I Receive?don_francisco

In addition to receiving the timeless rites themselves, we will journey through the indigenous maps for evolution known as the Medicine Wheel. These teachings offer a framework, techniques and maps for inquiry; supporting you to clear the way the past informs your life, rewiring your brain neurology and innate software. In addition, you will also receive shamanic healing interventions to further support you to clear the memories of the past live within your energy field and direct your life.

So powerful, so priceless, so healing, so marvelous! Jim B

This journey is a deep exploration and review of what has been from a very different reference point of what you are accustomed to. You may have worked for decades processing at the literal and emotional with intense work and only small shifts. Working beyond your rational mind you can restore balance and clarity at the deepest programming levels of your being.

Isn’t it time you answered the call and reconnected with your heart’s true purpose? The Shamanic Healing Immersions and Intensives empower you with the tools and maps to simply and effectively become a conscious co-creator of your life.

What’s in it for me?

We are living in a time that the ancient indigenous people have foretold as a major shift of human consciousness. These shaman spoke of this shift as a time to “remember ourselves again”, to turn your attention inward and live from your heart and truth; to understand your essential nature and the power you have to create great change in your life and on the planet.


Each of us is born with a unique gift that we are here to share with the world. You are born with everything you need to bring this gift forward, but as a result of societal and familial conditioning, life experiences and wounding this gift can be forgotten or put aside.


You are now being called to remember the gifts that you are here to share. To accomplish this, you needn’t add anything, but instead clear how your past lives within you and informs your life. It is so important to release the decades of wounding and layers of conditioning, false beliefs and limitations that have been programmed into your being, in order to uncover and express your most authentic self fully.

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