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Shamanic Healing

The ancient shamanic traditions describe an energy field that surrounds the human body. It is within this field that the memories of our genetics, karma and life experiences are stored. These memories or imprints propel our life in a certain direction by attracting people, situations and experiences to us. By releasing these imprints, you will be able to break free of old patterns and consciously create your life from the place of clarity, fluidity, abundance, joy and fulfillment.

“I have more courage and strength than ever before and am grounded in a way I have not felt my entire life.”Kelly B


While these patterns seem difficult to break from an emotional or psychological perspective, shamanic healing offers techniques to simply, gracefully and effectively step beyond the emotional and reasoning mind and in just a few sessions, reconnect you to the truth and light of who you really are.

Shamanic Healing is helpful when:

  • You feel full to the brim with stress and worry
  • Find yourself repeating unhealthy patterns
  • Are stuck in the past with little hope for the future
  • Have a history of trauma, deep wounding or abuse that you are ready to shift
  • Have a sense of losing an aspect of yourself due to a traumatic life event
  • Feel energetically connected to a person or situation from the past
  • At risk for genetic patterns and disease
  • Have a mystery diagnosis in the Western medicine paradigm

Transform in just a few sessions, what it would take decades of therapy and traditional coaching to uncover and shift! Shamanic Healing sessions are available in person as well as remotely via skype or telephone. Because the work is received on an energetic level, sessions are extremely effective even when performed at a distance.

$180 (approx. 1 1/2 – 2 hours)
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Shamanic Healing Sessions are as unique as you and will vary from person to person and session to session. Some of the Shamanic Healing techniques we may utilize are:

Chakras are the lenses of perception and filters through which you see and take in the world. Accumulation of a lifetime of heavy and dense experiences cloud your perception. Through the Illumination process, we will scour the dense energy and reconnect you to your vital energy and light.
Even after decades, you can feel a connection to people or places that drain your energy and no longer support the direction your life is headed. Whether an old relationship, job, event or connection to a place – these “cords that bind” can keep you from moving forward. The cord cutting process is a powerful and liberating experience that enables you to safely release and shift the way you are energetically connected to what has been in order to move forward with more grace and ease in your life.
Toxic energies or impactions that are unable to be cleared with the illumination process likely require extraction work. These energies can weaken and debilitate you physically and often show up in your body as chronic pain. These toxic energies can be caused by negative thoughts or feelings (anger, fear, betrayal, resentment, obsessive thoughts, etc.) of our own thoughts or the result of others feelings directed towards us. In addition to the extraction process itself, we work to clear and release the affinity towards these types of energies.
From a shamanic perspective, you come into the world with two inheritances, one is from your ancestry and the other, from past lives. From an ancestral standpoint, though you have been taught that you can only change your genetics between generations, the field of epigenetics is proving that you actually have the ability to change your DNA within this lifetime. With regard to past lives, whether or not you believe in them, they are unconscious memories that exist in your psyche which can negatively affect the direction of your life. Both of these inheritances, are woven into the programming of your energetic blueprint and in a shamanic healing session we clear how they direct and inform your life; freeing you to live fully in who you are today.
Do you feel like something is missing – an aspect of yourself that you know will help you to move forward but no matter how deep you search there is an aspect that feels like it is missing? Likely this feeling is a result of what the shamans call “Soul loss.” Soul Loss most often occurs during childhood when you experience trauma and wounding and an innocent part of your soul fragments. What remains is the wounded aspect of yourself that makes a contract or agreement that serves purpose for getting through the difficulty of the moment but no longer serves you when you are still living by this agreement decades later. Through the Soul Retrieval process we go back to the source of your original wounding to recover the innocent part of yourself that was lost. In addition to recovering this soul piece, you will rewrite the contract that was made at the time of wounding and create a new agreement; one that supports you to step back onto the path of your destiny.
The shamanic maps for life and death are some of the most powerful maps there are to navigate through the transitions of your life. You will experience thousands of metaphorical deaths in your lifetime. Loss of job, marriages, Dark Night of the Soul and even loved ones to name a few. The Death Rites can be extremely beneficial when you are at a crossroad in life and require a fresh start. By calling upon the death rites at this time, you honor and leave behind all that has been to begin anew. (There is a three session minimum for the life transition death work) Death Rites are also extremely effective when someone is suicidal; giving their spirit an opportunity to experience an energetic death in order to live a life filled with hope and possibility. During physical death, the human energy field separates from the physical body and enters into the world of Spirit. If there is any “unfinished business”, the person is unable to step through this portal. The Death Rites help to assist the dying person with their great journey beyond and their loved ones with the closure that so important in continuing the journey here on earth.

The Medicine Wheel – Shaman’s Allies by Lynn Berryhill

Medicine Wheel Healing Session

Regardless of where you are on your journey, the support of a strong and clear guide to hold space for your continued growth and vision is incredibly valuable.

“Oh my goodness, the shift is big! I feel it to my core. I am at a level of clarity and acceptance I had not yet experienced.”Cris S

In this stand-alone Medicine Wheel Healing Session we will unwind a specific pattern or issue and create a new focus to propel you forward with clarity and purpose!

  • Unravel and Honor the Wounds and Stories Around a Specific Issue
  • Clear the Lenses of Your Perception to Move Forward
  • ReProgram Your Energy Field and Brain Pathways
  • Re-Connect to Your Heart’s Deepest Knowing
  • Anchor Your New Vision Into Your Body
Medicine Wheel Session – $180
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Shamanic Tune-Up and Light Body Clearing


A Shamanic Tune-Up Session is available for established clients only. In this session we focus on mechanics without engaging your story. During your session, we will reset the stress response, clear and Illuminate all 7 chakras and complete your session by manually expanding your energy field to support greater possibility and vision.

This session is a great way to refresh after our work together has settled or if you feel in need of re-connection to once again expand your personal field of possibility.

1 Hr. Tune-up Session for Existing Clients Only – $135
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destiny_retrieval_300Advanced Destiny Work

Advanced Destiny work is the opportunity to vision into the future and if necessary, jump tracks to a destiny more in alignment with your heart’s deepest knowing. This work is available to established clients who have completed the Mentorship or Munay-Ki Programs.

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Soul Reading

Take a small step towards living the life you have always dreamed of. Move beyond your literal stories, raw emotions and mental limitations and access the wisdom that has remained untouched by life’s conditioning, distortions and limitations.

Glimpse into the most important piece for you to focus on in order to live your most inspired life. Access the voice that holds your most authentic expression and gain insight into the unconscious patterns and beliefs that stand in the way of bringing your truth to life. Create a new map that is in alignment with your purpose and bring balance, joy, authenticity and fulfillment to your life

Soul Readings are an incredible tool at any point on your journey. Whether you are just beginning on your path, are seeking more from life or are fully engaged in your deepest expression of truth. These readings help to clear what has been and gives direction, clarity and purpose to what lies ahead.

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One Hour Session Via Skype – $108

Shamanic Healing can be extremely beneficial to support:


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“As I walk through episodes of severe stress and pain, I continue to be astonished with how I am more and more able to get through it with strength, wisdom, letting go, and not limiting opportunities for growth. I must thank you again for how much you have healed and taught me.”Franni C