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Since 2005, I have been blessed to walk the Shamanic path. A path which fully empowers me to bring my gifts forward the way my heart has always known I was meant to: to live my life full with meaning and purpose, humbly making a difference and bringing more beauty, with all that I am and all that I share in the world.

Throughout this time, I have had the honor of sitting in Sacred Ceremony with and receiving healing and initiations from powerful Medicine Men and Women. I have also had the great blessing of mentoring with these amazing Masters of Living Energy.

Through the Shamanic Wisdom teachings, my natural gift – to see people in their greatest light – has been catalyzed to support the full alignment of my client’s highest expression, like nothing I had ever found. 

Since I first began sharing the Shamanic Wisdom Teachings, the students who I have been most passionate about guiding are the teachers, healers and coaches – “the WaySeers and Changemakers,” within any field, who know most importantly they, too, are meant to lead the way for their clients. 

It is my greatest honor to pass on the Shamanic blessings that I have received: to empower, teach, guide and mentor those called to make a difference by sharing the unparalleled maps and tools to enable a courageous and powerful forging of the path, for a Collective New Story to be born.   

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Maybe once or twice in a lifetime is one fortunate to have a mentor sent that is at the energetic nucleus; to guide us through to visions and dreams one would never have imagined on their own.

– Sasha J.


Regardless of your path, if you are being called to work the issues that keep you from fully achieving your goals, vision for the future, are seeking advanced practices or ways to incorporate Shamanic processes to upgrade your life or professional practice, Shamanic Mentorship offers incomparable guidance to do it. Offering support through Shamanic Healing processes and interventions but more than that, empowering you with tangible toolbox of practices that you can use for decades to come to continue to align with all that your heart is calling you to create. 

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No matter how clear and heartfelt your intentions for making a difference in the world may be, if there are subconscious beliefs or imprints from past wounding related to who you are, what is possible or what you are calling in, you will find challenges to meet your goals. Through Mentorship Sessions we will work together to uncover any blind spots and utilize Shamanic process to heal the root of the imprint or belief; aligning you at the deepest programming levels with all you are creating.  

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To the shaman the potential for all that is possible exists beyond space and time. When it comes to setting goals for the future, we want to find the timeline that holds the energy for what you are calling in and bring it back to probability within the physical realm; holding the frequency as already achieved. We then work to empower you with practices and processes that will keep you aligned and on track from a vibrational level to achieve all that you are visioning. 

A crucial program for any healer. You are led to heal yourself and then you are better equipped to heal others. I find myself integrating what I have learned in my work often and my ability to help others is strengthened.

– Kensey L

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uplevel your life or professional practice with shamanic mentorship

Shamanic Mentorship is an experiential program, tailored to your specific needs. Providing access to advanced Shamanic practices and tools while supporting you with healing interventions and counsel. Mentorship programming is offered by interview only.