Turning our Wounds into Sources of Strength In Order to Be True to Ourselves

This past weekend, I was fully immersed in leading a powerful and life affirming Shamanic Healing Intensive.  The participants were supported to journey through the Medicine Wheel. An unparalleled map offered to us by Indigenous Americans; a map that provides the framework to do a full life review; to honor and release all that has been and to instead, program a new story into our being, one more aligned with our heart’s truth.


With the support of 2 other shamanic practitioners we worked at the place beyond words, through ceremony, shamanic journeying and rites of passage. We accessed the Soul’s deepest knowing and shifted at the level of the essential energetic; changing the blueprint that direct and informs the physical body. We bypassed the mind and emotions – our need to understand why and find reason; to instead rewire how the the past guides our life experiences and distort our perceptions of reality.


With 12+ hour days and literally lifetimes being moved, it was clear that I could not to make my “daily” blog posts for my own well-being. I had to let go and know that it was for my highest good not to expend more energy than I had. There was a time, in the not so distant past that I might have pushed myself to make it happen, but I have learned the hard way how wearing myself out does more damage than good; especially if it is to “save face” outside of myself. I felt at peace with my decision, but what would others think?


What I have learned in my own journey, and what I see holding space for as many people as I do, is that so much of what we judge ourselves and others for, as well as how we are afraid we will “look” in the world, is a result of an internal program that is outdated. In many people’s lives these outdated programs are based on wounds and conditioning that happened decades ago.


In the Shamanic work, we die to what has been in order to step into the light of our truth; with nothing to defend or prove.  I share this post as an invitation for you to look at the choices you are making and what might be driving them? To consider if these choices are truly honoring what your heart is truly calling you to do and be? As well as to consider what needs to die in your life in order to align more deeply with your truth?



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