Pull Up Your Big Person Panties and Take Accountability

After a morning full of working with clients and prospective clients through my Complementary 30 Minute Consultations, there is a theme that is emerging which is calling to be written about…


Here’s the thing, we all have choice. If you are living in a 1st world country, enjoying all of the conveniences of modern day life and your job sucks, your marriage is a mess or you are waking up day after day depressed and miserable the only one who can change it is YOU!


There is no healer that can make it all go away or a magic pill that will allow you to keep doing things the same old way and make it all better; well actually there is a pill, but it involves you swallowing your part in creating it all (feathers and all) and taking accountability for the choices you are making; doing the inquiry and personal work necessary to choose what you want instead.


In a recent post, I shared about projection and how so many people are creating smoke and mirrors and playing victim to their circumstances rather than deal with their own feelings and inner reality. There are a thousand excuses why you can’t stand in your power and truth as well as lots of blame being placed. You can continue to point the finger at someone else as to why you don’t, but as a dear friend always points out, “when you do, there are always three fingers pointing back at you.”


We all have circumstances that seem impossible to overcome when we try to think our way out of them. Sometimes we just have to take the time to sit in the stillness with ourselves and listen to the truth of our hearts calling (instead of our monkey minds).  When you do, you can trust the steps you take to make this truth a reality and have faith that support will come from the most unexpected places.


So pull up your big person panties and do the thing you know you need to. At the very least make an exit strategy you can live with, until you can’t – and then make another one. Reserve the right to change your plan and if you are worried someone is out there keeping score then ask yourself why they are so busy keeping score of your actions and do it anyway…


Life is but a dream, what are you dreaming into being?


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