Wisdom From the Soul

Often times when I am at a loss for what to say in my messages I will pull cards like I do for my clients in a ‘Soul Reading’ session for inspiration. The following is what came through when I asked for the most important words I could share with you at this time…     


“Once upon a time there was a man who lived a life out of balance. He believed he had dominion over all beings and that the key to a happy life was based on all he could accumulate. Everything about the world he lived perpetuated this hunger and there seemed no end to filling the desire and righteousness that consumed him. He collected things to try to make himself feel better but unfortunately, no matter how much he gained there was still an emptiness in his heart; a stirring deep within him that yearned for something more.


One day, this man started to question what he thought was important and began a deeper inquiry for true meaning in his life. He looked to his Mother and she taught him the steps to create a more balanced life; one lived with the love, compassion and hope that she had held for him. She reminded him to slow down, take time to rest and recognize the abundance and beauty that she saw was him. She guided him back to life’s simple pleasures and taught him to move deeply with the inherent cycles of all that is.


Though his old way of thinking sometimes came back to test him, he learned to source from within himself and found grace in all that came unto him. He recognized the more he cultivated his own being, the more world around him came into balance. He honored this connection and understood the reflection the world was of his own self. This, he realized was the ultimate meaning of life – To live as if what he did made a difference.


Soul Readings are an amazing way to access the Soul’s deepest wisdom as we tell the “Once Upon a Time” story that we see pictured in the card. My students and clients leave their sessions with pages of inspiration, clarity and direction for their lives and I regularly tap into my own deepest wisdom by utilizing this process in support of my own inquiry. 

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