Hogwarts School – Energy 101

While teaching workshops, I sometimes quote a statistic that I heard come out of Oxford University that there was a 60% chance that life was playing us like a video game. While I often shared it with a twist of sarcasm, from the perspective of how I see life, I can actually sense it could be true.


One of my dearest friends, often says, “How’s life at Hogwart’s, Harry Potter?” when checking in with me. We laugh, but one of the great blessings from walking the shamanic path is to become acutely aware of energy – Yours, other’s and the collective waves. The more I have cleared the density of trauma, wounding and stories from my past, the clearer the vessel I have become and the more I am subject to these energies at play in my life and in the world.


In its most basic form, everything is energy, words, thoughts, emotions, interactions, experiences – it all boils down to energy. From a shamanic perspective, this energy is not good or bad, but heavy or light. Because we are light (matter with consciousness flowing through us and as us), anything that is “light” travels through us. The heavier energies get caught in our cells and create etchings in our energy field so we begin looking at life through the “dirty” lenses of our experiences. We begin to see life more as we are, than it actually is.


This is where the video game really comes into play… Often times, our wounding and limiting beliefs are buried so deep that we can not see them for ourselves. When this happens, because we are energy and constantly transmitting and receiving signals, we will call in a person, place or circumstance which will give us a reflection of something that is hidden and unhealed with us. In these instances, people will often play the role of the victim and accuse someone of doing something to them when the reality is the frequency they are vibrating at that is attracting the circumstances!


I have been noticing lately that there are many people who would rather blame everyone else than take accountability for why things are the way they are. Even further, I am seeing that people will often spew their energy all over others and create “smoke and mirrors” rather than own their part. As a shamanic practitioner, I am constantly removing negative energy that has been projected by others.


With the intensity of these times we are living, it is essential that you find a practice that will allow you to tune into your own being, clear the density that clouds your perception and do the deep work to uncover the hidden beliefs and patterns that are unconsciously informing your life and experiences. Though, it doesn’t take a shaman to recognize when you are feeling balanced in your life and someone comes along and dumps all of their garbage on you and all of a sudden you are destabilized.


If you are aware of your deeper patterns, you can more easily see where you have allowed someone else’s energy to effect you. If you are not, you might coil back into self abusive patterns, blame yourself and think there is something wrong with you; a never ending cycle for those not in tune with their deeper self… not fun.


One of my mentor’s put this into perspective in a way I will never forget, she said, “If something bothers you more than a 2 or a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10, it belongs to you”


– Own it people!! Class dismissed…


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