Life Begins with Love

The past few days I have been deep in the creation portal. It feels like it has been months that I have been writing and visioning for my new website and I am excited that it is finally coming together in the most unexpected and beautiful ways. I see why it has taken as long as it has to happen. So many things had to fall into place and much new understanding and vision had to come forth to bring this most authentic expression of me forward! It feels like my heart’s voice speaking in a way I have never accessed before; I look forward to sharing it all with you in the near future!


What has come through clearly in this process is the significance of translating my heart’s deepest expression at this time, what supports this expression and what doesn’t; to bring forth all of the gifts and teachings I have been blessed with in the last two decades in a way that only I can bring forward. Sure, there are many shamanic practitioners and others who are also called to support others awaken to their heart’s deepest expression and purpose. But I see how no one can bring it forward the way I am meant to and this is true for all of us.


There are a thousand reasons each one of us can find why we “can’t” do what our heart is calling us to do. Often times we look outside of ourselves to others who appear to do it better or have more training, marketing acumen, etc. But if we get really quiet and listen to our heart’s call, everything we need is already there!


The ancients speak of the heart as the temple of the soul. It is in our hearts that the truth lives for our future as individuals and as a collective whole inhabiting this planet. My wish for all of us on this potent New Moon is that we each take the time to get quiet and still, ask ourselves what our heart’s want and follow that… It is truly where life begins.


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