Flying through the Valley of Death and Rebirth

As I begin writing this note, I am flying 30,000 feet over the desert of Death Valley. I am traveling home from leading a beyond words Shamanic Yoga Weekend, part of a Yoga Teacher Training with my beloved Sister, Leeza Villagomez and the Yoga Den Community in Corona, CA. Together we journeyed through death and renewal to experience the truth and full expression of our Soul’s purpose and passion.
From the eagle’s perspective high above the ground from where I see, there seems to be little life on the barren landscape below and yet I have a strong sense that the black and brown rugged earth is very much alive. It appears as if there are mountains, just below and at the surface ready to erupt, strong and powerful from the depths of the hot molten lava bubbling in gaia’s core – the womb of the great mother giving birth to something amazing.
My heart smiles in awe and recognition of how this landscape paints the metaphor for the splendid palette that is life. Like a brush fire brings renewal to drought ridden lands; our collective outdated stories and wounds from the past must shake loose like a massive earthquake, with all the deadness, offered as tinder to be engulfed in the flames of transformation. What’s left is a deep rich blackened empty palette, fertile, ready to emerge with new life, all possibility – all potential.
I see my own journey of truth, the life I was born to live erupting as the tall, Sacred mountains I see below me; I am fully rooted in my foundation with my hopes and dreams, extending upward as an infinte peak touching the heavens – I am deeply humbled and filled with gratitude.
The landscape changes dramatically as the “silver bird” that carries me home passes above the snow covered, red rock canyons – the land of Zion, Southern Utah. The vibrancy of the pure white snow against the towering red bookcase cliffs takes my breath away and my heart melts with deep appreciation and love for the artist that creates this masterpiece.
The splendid landscape changes again and again – each scene is like an opus through the window that is my looking glass, unique and magnificent. As I get closer to Salt Lake, the mountains grow taller and darker. The familiar striated snow covered Granite peak of Mt. Timpanogos greets me and soon I see the Sacred mountains that create the boundaries of the valley I call hOMe… I am renewed and awakened with profound and inspired insight into my own and our collective journey. I feel excitement and hope like never before. I greet my land and tune myself to the magnificent landscape that is creation as me – a breathtaking One of a kind masterpiece!
It takes each one of us releasing the old ways of being, living fully awakened in our truth; honoring, sharing and celebrating our uniqueness to usher in a new era, a new world where the beings of the earth live as heaven on solid ground – What Dreams May Come… Om Namah Shiv-aya ~ Jai Kali MA! L’Chiam…to LIFE!!
Please join me, in the creation of our Sacred Song shining like the sun.
Peace within, peace without – All my Love, Mucho Munay!

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