Dying to Live: Christ Consciousness

Having grown up the granddaughter of the man who built our hamlet’s Conservative Jewish Center and the daughter of Reformed, leaning more towards secular Jewish parents, I was taught to stay focused on the here and now; to make the best of living. My mother would say, “Jews don’t believe in reincarnation”, though I do recall studying that reincarnation would happen at the return of the Messianic era. Regardless of whether reincarnation existed, there was no doubt that Christ was not our Messiah – nor Christmas, our holiday.


Before I go further, I want to preface this post with the fact that I have virtually no biblical knowledge to base my musings – with all due respect, religion has never made much sense to me. Having been a magical child, I had not felt the need to have a go-between or recite from a book or scrolls to access God*. I also believe that religion is relevant for some, faith essential for all, and the natural law of coexistence to be the most important belief for us all to possess.


This being said, a few years ago, during a meditative revelation of sorts, I saw Christ persecuted for spreading the truth of what he believed in his heart. He was willing to die because the power of unconditional love and miracles of healing that he knew to be real, were considered anti-establishment and a threat to the illusion of the blinded masses, priests and other officials. In my vision, Christ saw our greatest sin as separating ourselves from God and was willing to die so we would reawaken to remember our likeness. It feels significant to me that humanity once again finds itself at the crossroad of awakening to these same circumstances as we come to the end (and the beginning) of the 5,126 year cycle of the Mayan long count calendar.


From a shamanic perspective, the concept death and rebirth is paramount. We learn to make death an ally, to die consciously to the death that stalks us in order to live fully. By metaphorically dying to all that no longer serves us, we make the space for whatever else that is waiting to be born. Personally, as of late it feels like death and rebirth is a daily if not hourly occurrence in my life – attaching to nothing and surrendering to everything in order to flow in harmony with my heart’s truth.


In Latin, cor means, of the heart and in French, corage translates to innermost feelings of the heart. Today, as the birth of Christ is celebrated by millions throughout the world, my prayer is that each of us finds the courage to birth the unique expression of our heart’s deepest truth. That we each take the time to do what we love, with those we love – unconditionally sharing the precious gift of our heart in the Spirit of remembrance, healing and the miracle of possibility love brings.


Celebrating the Power of the Light of Love to Birth a New World, Andrea

*I do now understand that the Hebrew language, reading from the Torah, and likewise Sanskrit chanting and other Root/Mother languages to be vibrational tones that assist us in attaining god/Christ consciousness.


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