Walking Between the Worlds

Today on the 22nd of December 2012, the Birth Day of a New Age, I offer my first blog post – my words and musings in service and love, with hopes that they will help even one person to find the courage to awaken to the remembrance and expression of their deepest truth… I call this Blog, “Walking Between the Worlds”


With December 21st come and gone, I have come to viscerally understand the meaning of a concept I had been taught in my shamanic practitioner training, the notion of “walking between the worlds.”  I now truly get what it means as I stand with others across the globe celebrating what is possible on the precipice of this New Age; one foot in the old paradigm and one in the new. On my Facebook page and in the news, messages of hope and inspiration are sandwiched between more tragic events around the world; my own life has seemingly been turned upside down and I feel like a test pilot for the “how deeply can I surrender and trust as I soar from the wings of my heart” maiden flight.


Part of me had secretly wished that there would have been some sort of cataclysmic event on the Solstice in order to shake the world up. I mean it, if it would help people to wake up and see how connected and essential to this shift each of us are, I say “bring it!” Fortunately and unfortunately, it appears that we aren’t going to get off that easy.


The truth is, we have much work to do in order to restore balance, beauty and peace to our world and the work starts within each and every one of us. We must each step out of what we think is probable to vision what is possible. We must move past our conditioning and the mind of reason in order to listen to and trust the quiet whisper of our heart. We must look at our lives and see where we are barely living, accepting the status quo rather than risk losing what we have in search of some pipe dream.


I recognize the immensity of what I am sharing and asking. Trust me, I am reeling myself as I look inside, consider the task at hand and ask myself the questions that are present for me…


  • Can I shine my light without shrinking in doubt?
  • Can I be who I am without worry of judgment or criticism?
  • Can I clear the lenses of perception from my past, step past my fears and ego in order to stay centered in my courage, vision and expression of my heart’s deepest truth?
  • Can I remember to understand the power of my thoughts; my words and my actions to create the reality of my life?
  • Can I remain in love and peace under the most challenging of circumstances?
  • Can I open my heart to receive and share love?
  • Can I trust that as I move towards the expression of my heart’s truth that I will be supported and guided by the abundance and beauty of the universe?
  • Can I remember that I am never alone?
  • Can I remember to awaken everyday and go into the quiet stillness and invoke the fullness of Spirit?


I share these integral questions with you and hope you will take some time answer them for yourself – as if your life depended upon it, because in many ways it does…


With love and in Service to our planetary evolution. Blessings on this new day, Andrea


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