A Divine Reason to Live Your Deepest Truth ~ All Things Connect

Humans are the only species that live out of balance with the greater whole of which we are a part and are causing great peril on many levels to our planet. It’s really not our fault; we’ve been conditioned to live this way. What we have been taught and dare I say, programmed to believe goes against our true nature. We have the power to change the course of our evolution by simply trusting the truth stirring within our hearts and consciously informing the field of possibility that exists without!


Each of us brings with us into this lifetime a unique gift to share in the world. Our life experiences, societal conditioning and responsibilities – financial or otherwise, often take us on a path far away from this purpose and yet it seems that there is always a small voice in the back of our minds urging us to express it.


At this time to bring this aspect of yourself forward is essential to the well being, success and freedom of your life and the planet! It may seem farfetched, but by remembering and committing to bringing forth your gifts in this lifetime you cultivate a clear connection to the field that informs all life; a field recognized for thousands of years by indigenous cultures and more recently by the science of physics and biology.


Whether you are aware of it or not, you are constantly informing this field. The question is, what are the messages you are sending? When you live in your most authentic frequency you will send clear signals of love, gratitude, and fulfillment into the collective consciousness and because this electromagnetic signal is so strong, the field will provide you with the direction and circumstances you need to match this frequency.


From another perspective, consider the physiology of your body. What happens when specific cells are out of alignment with the rest of your body? We call it autoimmune disease or even worse, cancer. I know we all can identify how our bodies are masterful at showing us where and when we are out of balance. The symptoms are often disguised as stress, depression, anger, illness, disease, hopelessness – the list can go on.


One thing is certain, all of the symptoms we are experiencing in our bodies and as a planet are showing us where we are living out of alignment with our true nature on every level. We are in the midst of the 6th mass extinction at a rate faster than any other and it is high time we realize that “all things connect”…



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