Winter Solstice: Celebrating Light and Darkness

“In all its cold power, winter is a rime when life, and the spirit that animates it, can be made stronger…it’s a time to purify, a time to seek dreams that help guide and teach us. A time to reflect on where we came from, and who we are…a time to reflect on our relationship to All That Is.” ~ The Book of Ceremonies

There is an awakening happening, individually and as a planet. We can no longer stand by simply as passengers in our lives; every cell in our body is screaming that the consequences of our inaction would be too great on every level. We each have a responsibility to live fully and courageously in our truth; to speak when something doesn’t feel right and find the strength to look inside ourselves to stand humbly yet unapologetically in this truth as well as to clear the unhealthy beliefs and patterns that keep us playing small, silent and complacent. In Solstice, we celebrate the balance of light and darkness and begin to shift our awareness from the introspective darkness towards the light of the new growth.

The Solstice cycle symbolically provides us with the opportunity to look inside, embrace the darkness, and to shift what has been hidden in preparation to move forward. The energy for the next few weeks (and months) is extremely supportive to make massive shifts towards the direction of your dreams. Though some of your stories may seem insurmountable, it is truly so much easier than your mind can imagine. I have found time and time again that it is possible to gracefully, compassionately, and gently look within; to take responsibility for and shift whatever is not working to move forward with intention, clarity, and sustainability. The reality is that you have everything you need; all it takes is a shift in perspective!

In-Service to the light of love within us all, Andrea

Photo Credit: timo_w2s via Compfight cc

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