Courage (from Latin: Coeur): To Tell the Story of Who You Are With Your Whole Heart

Courage (from Latin: Coeur): To Tell the Story of Who You Are With Your Whole Heart

I have been searching for the words to match the immensity and power of the times we are living. The changes we are experiencing as a planet are astounding – the strides and atrocities, are as polarized as ever; the gravity of what we face, exponentially magnified.


It delights my heart to see so many people awakening with compassion and conviction to create something different – heart-breaking to see those who feel defeated and complacent with resign. The lives of future generations, are truly poised upon the decisions we make today. This can be overwhelming at times to consider and many will chose not to; it takes an incredible amount of Courage [(from latin: coeur): to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart] to be part of the creation of what is possible instead of being the victim to what is probable.


There is so much to reconsider, to unlearn and look at with new eyes; to challenge and stand up for – especially for those who’s voices can not be heard with the ears. Though it may seem impossible, the courage and understanding to face it all resides in the human heart – from the love that is born from the wisdom of creation. Trust this truth, work on deepening your connection to its light and listening deeply to guide your way.


I am eternally grateful for the love, support and encouragement of incredible family, friends, clients, colleagues, community and mentors that grace my world. I am humbled by the incredible gifts and tools I have been blessed with to contribute in a profound way to the birth of a new way of living on our planet.


In Service and Love, Andrea





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