Living My Dreams, Awakening Hearts!

Wow! What a ride ~ in the past two months my life has been incredibly full with expansion on so many levels. My practice has blossomed into more than I have ever dreamed and the awakening that I have the honor to support is deeply fulfilling and life sustaining. I feel profoundly blessed to be living my deepest expression and to support so many people to do the same. I know this is the most important contribution I can make at this time. I bow in gratitude each day to every-thing and one that has supported me to get here and give heartfelt thanks to all of the incredibly courageous souls who entrust me to hold the space for their becoming through the shamanic path.


This week I realized I had only taken a handful of days off since beginning of June so although there is much to ‘do’, this weekend I have been grounding deeply at home simply ‘being’. I am ecstatic to share that my already full life has been additionally blessed with a magical Animal Spirit Guide! ‘Inti’ named for the ancient Inka Sun God and the son of the ‘God of Civilization, Wirococcha’ has joined me as a constant and I am enjoying the sweetness and deepened grounding that he is bringing to my life. He is a perfectly suited sidekick for me and though we are working through the challenges of housebreaking, he has already taught me so much and has multiplied the number of amazing hikes in nature I take each week.


With all the shifts happening individually and collectively, shamanic wisdom offers simple and effective technologies to navigate the changing times and live in balance and alignment with your heart’s deepest truth. It is truly my greatest passion to share this wisdom in the world and as always, I look forward to the opportunity to support you on your path.

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