Kind People Rule ~ Pay it Forward

“No amount of prayer or meditation can do what helping others can do.”
― Meher Baba

In a recent phone conversation with a dear friend she said something that I think to myself almost everyday. “If people just thought about more than themselves the world would be a better place.” This friend is gifted healer and Doctor of Oriental Medicine, my go to Medicine Buddha for all things healing. When I texted her at the high (low) point of my recent bout with the flu she responded with, “think of the people who are suffering even more than you right now, you’ll feel better”… She was right.


Speaking as someone who is known by those closest to me as “a walking heart” and as a result, extremely sensitive to energy; I used to take things very personally when someone would respond in a way that seemed self serving and out of alignment with “the greater good.” I have now come to the realization that I will not always get back the good I share, but I give unconditionally anyway. I know in my heart that when I do, I am in harmony with the universal flow and the blessings and grace I receive far exceed most anything I could receive from most any person in return.


I often wonder what it will take for all people to awaken and understand the universal laws that guide all of life. To give of themselves unconditionally for no other reason than they can; to realize that everything we do individually affects the whole and open their eyes and hearts to the suffering that exists all around them. There are so many who are in desperate need of kindness, love and attention and they are likely closer to you than you might think.


What if each of us did something today for someone who couldn’t pay us back? Pay it Forward… I double dog dare you!


Kind People Rule, Andrea


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