Make Yourself Your Priority

I am noticing a theme with my clients, which often translates to the broader, collective experience. I am seeing a deep sense of sadness and sorrow coupled with the feeling of having ‘lost’ an aspect of who they are. The individual stories may vary, but the feeling of disconnection, emptiness and being drained remains constant. So many of us sacrifice our own well-being for other seemingly more important responsibilities. Though I thoroughly acknowledge and respect the realities we all face, I also know how important it is to make ourselves a priority.


As someone who has supported countless people over the last decade, I know the repercussions of not putting my own well-being first all too well. For years I would hold space for everyone else until I gave so much of myself away that I didn’t know who I was anymore! Instead of being centered in my heart and connected to the wisdom that supported me in my life’s work; to hold space for my clients to express their heart’s calling, I spent my spare time feeling exhausted and broken. I eventually came to realize the necessity of connecting into and taking care of my needs first. I found that when I did I was more balanced, had more to give others and was actually at peace – knowing that I was truly living my purpose and the grace this brings.


The solution was in shifting the unconscious and subconscious beliefs about what would happen if I put myself first. The hidden programs which were rooted in the old stories, conditioning and wounds from my past when I didn’t get a positive response to asserting my needs. My false beliefs around losing friends and loved ones, my lifestyle and financial stability, if I didn’t make them my priority. I came to understand that finding the root of what fueled and perpetuated these beliefs was the key to breaking free and finding myself again.


I wonder how many of you reading this message are experiencing this theme in your lives? What are the beliefs you hold around making yourself a priority? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


I recognize that the prospect of looking at the deeper patterns and beliefs can be daunting, but it truly doesn’t have to be! Shamanic Energy Medicine offers simple and graceful processes to:

  • Uncover Hidden Beliefs
  • Clear the Subtle Memories Informing Your Choices
  • Create New Patterns
  • Reconnect to Your Heart’s Wisdom
  • Rediscover the Path to a Balanced and Fulfilled Life


When you are overwhelmed, exhausted, confused and disconnected from your inner knowing/wisdom, Andrea will light a candle in the dark places, illuminating your truth and liberating your heart – Heidi R.

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