In Honor of All My Relations… Even the Creepy Crawlies?!

Each time I call in the directions to open Sacred space I kneel to Pachamama and offer my prayer  as “an agent of peace and change for a new world where ALL beings can live in harmony together”. I call to the two leggeds, the four leggeds, the winged, the furred and the creepy crawlies and ask to walk in balance and harmony among them all.


It has come to my attention that while in theory this seems a simple vow, I am learning just how difficult this is to put into practice on a very real, micro level. Truth be told, along with my beautiful lakeside Guatemalan Garden of Eden, comes the reality of the permanent residents of this lush garden I am visiting. The cast of mythic night dwellers includes, ants (with wings who carry things 100x their size), very large spiders (who supposedly don’t bite and just eat mosquitoes) and finally, the impressive and daunting yoga pose namesake – the scorpion (not deadly, just mouth numbing).


Now I know that all this may seem a small inconvenience in light of the paradise I am temporarily calling home, but I have to be honest and say that this nightly wildlife adventure has me rocked to the core! Literally, it is bringing up some of my deepest core issues like no medicine ceremony ever has! Last night I actually spent 30 minutes trying to convince the 2+ inch round spider that was too close for comfort to my bed to move out into the hallway and tonight I meet the below pictured beauty.


The Scorpion Animal Totem
My Scorpion Animal Totem


I must admit, I broke my vow for all beings to live happy and free and both creatures met a regretful and unfortunate demise. I have been considering the karmic consequences and hope to restore balance, peace (and boundaries) to my household. I recognize my current method of dealing is not the best solution according to karmic and universal law.
I am still working through the deeper meaning of all that is being revealed through these powerful creatures, but I know that their lessons lay deeper than just their physical presence. I find myself asking:


  • Is it is really possible to coexist in harmony with all beings?
  • Do I truly feel safe in this world?
  • Why is it that I am attracting daunting insects rather than say, sweet hummingbirds?

To be continued… In deepest honor of all my relations. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

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