Don’t Go Back to Sleep – Supporting Our Awakening Hearts

Recently, staying grounded in and connected to my heart’s knowing has been somewhat of a challenge. Having chosen a path far from what my upbringing would have lent itself to, I have been hearing the little voice inside my head suggesting that perhaps I should have taken a more conventional path. The one that was carved out for me and far more in alignment with the status quo. “It would have been easier,” this voice whispers, “you would have more security” it goes on…


In my mind, I think this might indeed be true. In my heart I know if I had chosen to walk a more conventional path, my Spirit would have wilted on the vine. For me, listening to and following my heart has felt like the only choice I have ever had. Perhaps to some this might seem risky, impossible or irresponsible – a pipe dream, to be washed away by the realities of living in the world.


Whatever it might seem, I know I cannot go back. The only thing I can do is to create the space for others to also find the courage to awaken to and live from their hearts. From this place we can connect to the infinite wisdom that offers synchronicity and miracles that the mind cannot fathom.


For those who have been there, we know – we cannot go back to sleep and all we have is each other to help us to remember.



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