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Shamanic wisdom has been passed down from mentor to student for thousands of years. More than ever, these teachings provide a relevant framework and maps to awakening, conscious connection and realization of your true self.


  • Empower yourself with processes to uncover and clear hidden blocks.
  • Learn how to move past your literal stories, debilitating emotions and unhealthy psychological patterns
  • Obtain tools to tap into your intuitive knowing
  • Reconnect to your most authentic expression.
  • Consciously create the life you deserve.

Below is a sampling of what can be created, please contact me to tailor your mentoring program.



Shamanic Mentoring for Transformation – 3 Session Package

Wherever you are on your path, this 3 Session Shamanic Mentoring Package can support you to tap into your truth and provide the clarity and direction to transform your life!
“I had such huge shifts and the insights keep coming” Dannielle B.

  • Rewire and reboot the way an issue is directing you
  • Discover and shift what is blocking a happy and fulfilling life.
  • Tap into your innate gifts
  • Embody your most authentic expression
  • Create a tangible plan to move forward with clarity and peace of mind.

Session One: Soul Reading Session

Learn methods to access your intuition and deepest truth. Gain insight into unconscious patterns and beliefs. Obtain tools to effectively clear how these patterns inform you.

Session Two: Clear the Path 

Learn to clear energetic blocks, outdated beliefs and unconscious patterns. Shift how the mind remembers your most challenging experiences. Access processes to reboot your energetic software and reprogram the direction of your life.

Session Three: Create a Plan and Transform Your Life!

Learn to navigate the shamanic maps through journeying techniques. Create a tangible plan to bring your visions to life. Rewire your innate software to align with the resources you need to fulfill your dreams.

Sessions are Available In Person or Via Skype

$400 One Time Payment
Three Installments of $150

Terms and Conditions

Additional One Hour Follow-up Sessions $108

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Medicine Wheel Mentoring


The Medicine Wheel – Shaman’s Allies by Lynn Berryhill

A fresh perspective to approach life!!!Iris K

A unique and empowering mentorship experience that will forever change the way you live and create in the world. Access the shamanic maps to awakening. Learn techniques to move beyond the limits of the mind and emotions. Master the framework for deep inquiry and transformation and come back into balance with yourself and the world.

Session 1: Overview

Shamanic Cosmovision
The Medicine Wheel as a Map for Human Consciousness
Demystify Your Energy Anatomy
How to Become a Conscious Creator
Access the Answers You Didn’t Know You Had – Mapping Your Journey

Session 2: Transform Your Story

Conscious Vs. Unconscious Patterns and How They Guide Our Lives
What Are You Identifying With That No Longer Serves You?
Reprogram How the Past Directs Your Life
Turn Your Wounds into a Source of Strength

Session 3: Bring Your Shadow to Light

How to Reset Your Stress Response
Essential Practices to Balance Your Inner and Outer World
Shamanism, Sorcery and Protection
Discover What is Draining You
Understanding Your Ancestral and Karmic Inheritances
Safely Face the Shadow: Bring What is Hidden to the Light

Session 4: Reclaim Your Wholeness

Call off the Search and Embody Who You Truly Are
Change How You See the World and the World Begins to Change
What Brings You Joy?
Trust the Truth of Your Heart
Step Outside of Time with Shamanic Journeying
Reclaim Your Passion + Purpose

Session 5: Write a New Story of Possibility

Vision and Co-Create the Life of Your Dreams
What Would You Do If You Could Not Fail?
They Say It Can’t Be Done, Do It Anyway! Sourcing From Possibility
Life is but a Dream: ReWrite a New Story
Round and Round We Go! Taking the Framework Forward
Bring it Home: Essential Practices for Sustained Creation!

Medicine Wheel Mentoring
Available In-Person or Via Skype
(Sessions are approximately 2 hours + homework)

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$595 – One Payment
3 Payments of $240

Terms and Conditions