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A unique and empowering mentorship experience that will forever change the way you live and create in the world. Gain access to the shamanic maps and tools for deep healing and awakening. Learn techniques to move beyond the limits of the mind and emotions. Reconnect and come back into balance with yourself and your world.

The Shamanic Path is one that must be known and not told, it can only be experienced. These ancient wisdom teachings offer keys and codes to move beyond the mind and emotions to instead work at the blueprint level of the field of all possibility.  More than ever, this potent body of wisdom provide all who seek, a relevant framework and tangible tools to awaken to and embody the deepest, most authentic Self expression you came to this lifetime to share.

Shamanic Mentoring for Transformation – 3 Session Package

Wherever you are on your path, this 3 Session Shamanic Mentoring Package can support you to tap into your truth and provide the clarity and direction to transform your life!


Together we will  determine the most important pieces to address in order to gain clarity for whatever your circumstances.  From healing wounds of the past to visioning a sustainable and fulfilling future, Shamanic Mentoring supports you with Shamanic Healing Interventions, empowers you with the Master’s tools and provides the know how to use them!


“I had such huge shifts and the insights keep coming” Dannielle B.

  • Rewire and reboot the way an issue is directing you
  • Learn processes to move beyond your literal stories, debilitating emotions and unhealthy psychological patterns
  • Discover and shift what is blocking your experience of a joyful and fulfilling life.
  • Tap into your innate gifts and wisdom
  • Embody your most authentic expression
  • Create a tangible plan to move forward with clarity and peace of mind.
  • Obtain shamanic tools that will support sustained and conscious creation for years to come.
  • Create the life your heart knows is possible.


Sessions are Available In Person or Via Skype

3 Sessions for a $450 One Time Payment
or Three Payments of $180

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