Shamanic Intensives and Immersions


Two transformative journeys offered by a Master Shamanic Practitioner... A 10-session Private Shamanic Immersion, meeting once a week for 10 weeks or Private Shamanic Intensive over the course of 3 weekends. Both formats are an experiential journey through the shamanic maps for our evolution. Gain the keys and codes to forever change the way you ... Read More

Soul Wisdom in Times of Darkness


Once upon a time humanity faced a great storm, the wrath of which pierced the collective soul. All that once stood for freedom and strength was set aflame and there was great upheaval. The fires of transformation felt devastating though strangely necessary if we were to learn to rise together in peace. The fury would … Read More

Wisdom From the Soul


Often times when I am at a loss for what to say in my messages I will pull cards like I do for my clients in a ‘Soul Reading’ session for inspiration. The following is what came through when I asked for the most important words I could share with you at this time…      … Read More

Deep Within the Unknown


Someone recently said to me that deep within the unknown lies the known. It has left me wondering just how deep one must go into the darkness to finally see the light. A couple years ago, I felt like a stranger in my own body – seemingly disconnected from the Source of my own being. … Read More

Flying through the Valley of Death and Rebirth

adminMiscellaneous Musings

As I begin writing this note, I am flying 30,000 feet over the desert of Death Valley. I am traveling home from leading a beyond words Shamanic Yoga Weekend, part of a Yoga Teacher Training with my beloved Sister, Leeza Villagomez and the Yoga Den Community in Corona, CA. Together we journeyed through death and … Read More

Re-Awakening of the Divine

adminMiscellaneous Musings

Beloved, the flame that is my Soul Dances in ecstacy with you.   Oh Eternal One You are the wind that brings harmony to the instrument of Love that I am   As the breath gives song to a flute You awaken the music of creation that is me   Oh Beloved I have dreamed … Read More

Increasing our Vibration by Following the Ley Lines


The Shamans say that there are two kinds of energy. “Sami”, light energy and “Hucha”, heavy energy. Hucha is stored in the cellular memory of our body and human energy field. It is our “unfinished business,” our Karma, life experiences, wounding, negative feelings and emotions as well as our ancestral patterns.   As we clear … Read More